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Business software for the made to order industry

Managing Leads and Sales Appointments with Insyte

Are you struggling managing sales appointments, having leads fall through the cracks, or turning up for appointments and someone isn’t home?

Insyte CRM has been specifically implemented for the window furnishing industry and can solve these problems for you.

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In Home Quoting with Insyte on Tablet

We would like you to introduce you to a better way to sell. Where sales consultants sells only on mobile devices. Sales Consultants are scheduling nothing less than the best leads. A world where lead and contact information is always fresh and complete. And everyone performs like an “A” player.

Insyte Sales Tablet Solution for the window furnishing industry.

Booking, Scheduling and Tracking Leads with Insyte

Insyte provides a simple, seamless, yet very powerfully integrated solution to capturing, scheduling and tracking leads for your business.

In this demonstration, we are going to show you how to add a new lead, how sales person’s appointments are managed, and you can track and manage your leads all within Insyte.

Confirming an Appointment with Insyte

Not only is confirming bookings with Insyte simple and effortless, your customer activities are conveniently synchronised across your business meaning your customer service representatives and your installers always have updated details for each customer.

Insyte Sales Tablet Solution for the window furnishing industry.

Booking & Confirming an Installation with Insyte

Booking and confirming an installation with Insyte CRM is simple, fast and hassle free. Not only are your customers happy, but your business has conveniently logged every customer’s activities in the sales process.

Insyte Sales Tablet Solution for the window furnishing industry.

Changing an Order with Insyte

Invariably customers ring in with changing circumstances, which your business needs to accommodate for – changing a purchase order is one of those instances.

Insyte CRM for the windows furnishing industry is simple to use, flexible, yet very powerful.

Booking an Installation with Insyte

With Insyte CRM for the window furnishing industry, the progress of all customer orders are conveniently located at your fingertips.

Once an order has been manufactured, moving a customer through the sales process by booking an appointment to install their new product is simple and hassle free.

Insyte CRM is simple to use, flexible, yet very powerful.

Proceeding with a Requote and Booking an Installation for Insyte

Streamline business with difficult customers so everyone is happy, again!

Invariably customers ring in with changing circumstances such as re quotes. Insyte CRM for the windows furnishing industry is simple to use, flexible, yet very powerful, keeping your business on top of your customer’s requirements and where they are in the sales process.

Insyte Software Screen Shots

Configure Price Quote Module

Simply sell complex products in the window furnishing industry with Insyte CRM

Window Furnishing Industry

Focus on customers
not on complex time consuming
product configuration quoting


Mobile Sales App

Sell on mobile devices, anywhere, anytime with Insyte CRM for the window furnishing industry.

Mobile Sales App

Win more deals and grow faster.
Collaborate as a team and track
Results in real time.


Opportunity Manager

Manage customers, intelligently provide customer with the right deal.

Opportunity Manager

Sing view of all quotes
Sales forecasting
Insights on potential revenue


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Insyte, Software for the Made to Order Industry

Feature List

  • Dashboards

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Sales lead scheduling and optimisation

  • Territory management

  • Quoting

  • Order/Job management

  • Customer self service

  • Quote/order management
  • Automation

  • Blinds and Curtains configurator

  • Installers and job scheduling

  • Supplier order management

  • Wholesale online ordering

  • Debtors

  • Manufacturing tracking

  • Inventory

  • Customer service

  • Document management

  • Campaign & sales reporting

  • API integration

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