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Can You Trust Technology to Leapfrog Your Competition?

Trusting Technology and Partnering with an Industry Software Specialist.

Whether its the grocery store down the road or multi-billion dollar IT giants like google, software has become the backbone of every successful business.

Businesses however CANNOT stay competitive and consider themselves technologically up to date with a few computers in the office running Microsoft Office 365.

Organisations are moving at the speed of light to leapfrog their competition and accelerate the digital transformation of their organisation.

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The Reality of Business Technology Today

A study conducted in 2015 by New York City-based CA Technologies found that exploiting modern technologies and communications in order to transform one or more aspect of one’s business has now become main-stream activity for driving return on investment ROI.

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Mixing it with the Wrong Crowd

If you’re familiar with software systems such as MYOB, XERO, Microsoft Dynamics range and even the top end of town SAP, you’ll know that they are great out of the box account systems. However, when it comes to complex quoting processes, most software solutions fall painfully short.

Many companies that have invested a lot of time and money into platforms like these still manage quoting and wholesale ordering in Microsoft Excel, Word or even a manual paper trail process! These companies experience high error rates, costly inefficiencies and unnecessary risk in every part of the sales process.

For organisations with complex products like window furnishings, an all-in-one, full end-to-end solution is crucial in today’s climate.

Stop kicking the can down the road!

The decision to invest in software for your business might be hard to justify. Failing to do so however only makes the inevitable day of reckoning even worse. Take business management software such as ERP (enterprise resource planning) for example. ERP is software for integrated management of core business processes, usually in real time. It manages product planning and purchase, production, manufacturing, marketing, sales, material management, inventory, shipping and finance. Excuses given for not investing in business transforming software such as ERP include the following:

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Businesses that do not exploit modern technology is because of the troubling belief that they can operate effectively without it do not plan on growing in the coming years or are unaware of how their current technology environment is holding them back.

Using ERP as an example, Aberdeen Group found the following challenges businesses experience from not implementing a ERP business software.

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Software can be cost-consuming, but what is the cost of doing nothing?

Who can you trust? Who has a long-term vested interest in your industry? How can you afford it? Will the promised ROI become actuality? It is tempting to choose the cheapest offer, but if you buy cheaply, you pay dearly. If you don nothing, you pay dearly.

Find out how the industries leading business software can catapult your business to the forefront of the industry.

Significant benefits in trusting technology

The CA Technologies study revealed that business strategy that includes digital transformation saw significant increases in customer retention (45%) and overall revenue growth (44%). Moreover businesses experienced a number of other benefits namely:

  • Reduced business operation costs
  • Reduced staff expenses due to automation
  • New revenue streams
  • Better business decisions due to valuable data sourced by the software
  • Increased business competitiveness
  • Positive impact of innovation on your brand image
  • Improved business reach and engagement.

Investing in industry software can be a daunting proposition. You need a relationship with a software solution that is relevant, domain-specific and understands your industry passionately.

Finding a solution you can trust and a partnership that will work

When it comes to the made to order industry no one understands the industry better than Accent Software. Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer or a distributor, our purpose built software is flexible and configurable making it a game changer in the industry.

Benefits to your Business

 One of our clients recently said to us that just the fact that an order can only be submitted with the correct specification to manufacture is saving hours of time every day for their business. The flow effect in reduction of errors, faster turnaround time and most of all the visibility that the software provides on every area of their business has changed the culture of the business.

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Partnering with an Industry Software Specialist

 Accent Software digital platformhas a tailored solution for the made to order industry and picks up where other system falls short. With the inclusion of advanced configure-price-quote (CPQ) technology built right into its integrated all-in-one CRM solution that allows:

  • Your complex product, pricing, and business rules to be available for everyone involved in the sales process in real-time. This means configuring, pricing and quoting window furnishings can be completed quickly and accurately.
  • Top and bottom line margins to be protected in the quoting process
  • All deals to comply with pricing and discounting rules
  • Necessary approvals to be gathered quickly without slowing down the supply chain process.
  • Quotes to be automatically turned into orders, eliminating manual re-entry of data and errors in product information.

As an all-in-one solution of flagship software, Insyte becomes a tool for everyone in your company as well as your wholesale and distribution customers integrating and automating data through every channel.

Your Whole Business in One Glance

 With Insyte you can see your Entire Business at a Glance
Customizable dashboards from Insyte provide instant access to the real-time information and analysis you need to run your business.

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Insyte provides:

  • Real-time, up-to-date product information visibility to every approved user inside your company, including approved partners. This means your channels are always operating off the same, current information.
  • Full control over which partners, groups, or channels can gain role-based access to pricing or product information, discount rules and portals, channel exclusive discounts, and location-based pricing.

Only Insyte allows you to easily monitor critical metrics from across sales, marketing, service, and other departments as well as analyze data from other analytics applications in a consolidated view.

Easy-to-use data visualization tools enable you to identify trends using charts, tables, and other graphics.

Customized Dashboards

Set up multiple, customized dashboards so that everyone gets exactly the information needed depending on their roles and responsibilities.
Easily and securely distribute dashboards when you need to share data, and highlight critical information and exceptions for quick identification.
Set a schedule to automatically email up-to-the-minute dashboards to individuals or groups.

Insyte, Software for the Made to Order Industry

Feature List

  • Dashboards

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Sales lead scheduling and optimisation

  • Territory management

  • Quoting

  • Order/Job management

  • Customer self service

  • Quote/order management
  • Automation

  • Blinds and Curtains configurator

  • Installers and job scheduling

  • Supplier order management

  • Wholesale online ordering

  • Debtors

  • Manufacturing tracking

  • Inventory

  • Customer service

  • Document management

  • Campaign & sales reporting

  • API integration

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