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For the Window Furnishing Industry

Accent Software’s sales tablet solution helps you win you more deals! How?

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Quoting is simplified – Insyte table solution has all the up to date product information, pricing and discounting rules making creating quotes for products easy. When done right, quotes can speed your sales cycles, and leave a great and professional impression with your customers. No more complex price books and product information shortfalls—the perfect blinds software.

Quote quickly and quote anywhere – If a customer asks you for a quote or a variation to an existing quote, you can deliver a professional document within their time frame, indicating that you are easy to do business with. That’s the kind of first impression that closes deals. No more hand written error prone quotes with a few scribbled numbers, or long hours in front of a computer in the office or at home where internet access is required.

Quote quickly, quote accurately – Provide accurate product details and pricing and get it right when the market space is extremely competitive. Mistakes can make the difference between winning and losing, not just in the sale but all the way through to installation.  Customers proceeding with a quote with errors lead to a whole string of problems you don’t have the time to deal with – problems such as incorrect products being quoted, manufactured or priced incorrectly. Not only does this leave customers unhappy, but your business absorbing those costly mistakes. Research indicates that professional quotes made on time increases sales.

Take control over your window furnishing business with Accent Software’s blinds software solution for sales, leads and quotes. Deliver a professional quote fast and accurate to the customer before the competition comes in. To see more visit HERE.

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In Home Quoting with Insyte CRM Tablet Sales App

A better way to sell—where sales consultants sells only on mobile devices,  scheduling nothing less than the best leads. A world where lead and contact information is always fresh and complete. And everyone performs like an “A” player.