When Winning Matters

INSYTE CRM is the premium solution for sales force automation, marketing, customer service, Point of sale and telemarketing applications. Its prime purpose is to provide enterprises with a single system that can manage and integrate all sales, marketing and operating functions. INSYTE deploys sales and marketing activities in the most effective manner possible, providing measurable and maximum return to any business.

INSYTE CRM is a platform for configuring customer centric applications in the areas of sales force automation, Point of sale, telemarketing, database marketing and customer service. An Organisation might initially adopt INSYTE for sales force automation, and then quickly adapt the solution to other areas such as computer-based lead generation or customer service.


Need to Manage Rapidly Changing Business Conditions?

Business change is constant, especially in the sales and marketing function. INSYTE rapidly configures to match an Organisation’s unique requirements. INSYTE provides a global facility, which is fully synchronized across all operational divisions and geographies. Customer and prospect information from a myriad of sources can be collated, evaluated and disseminated promptly and accurately. INSYTE is based on Accent Software’s OO framework technology. The designers of INSYTE CRM have taken the flexibility of Microsoft .Net framework and combining it with the most up to date technologies and ideas, and produced a new architecture providing paralleled flexibility, and introduces impressive scalability and security.