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In today’s marketplace organizations cannot afford to be non-responsive to change. Change represents either opportunity or risk depending on how the organization is structured. When IT systems cannot respond to change then it’s highly likely that the business will suffer.
The investment in enterprise IT has delivered many benefits associated with a systems culture, however, in many cases replacing people with an ‘expert system’ has had an adverse effect – where the organization assumes the system will do everything – including manage change.
Organizations are now suffering from a history of outsourcing business intelligence to IT expert system intelligence. The reality is that many of these IT expert systems have limitations in what they can deal with. Simply put, they are so complex themselves that changing them to deal with rapid change requires significant effort and resources, as a result their technology and the system itself becomes superseded by the market, and they become obsolete.
Accent Software has developed a highly dynamic and easily customizable CRM solution that achieves genuine marketplace differentiation for organizations seeking to adapt to change and, as a result, achieve greater profits. Unlike alternative CRM systems INSYTE CRM can be efficiently adapted to fit unique and innovative business processes that deliver profit-driving differentiation.

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