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The advantage critical in today’s business environment

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What if you had a software solution that allowed sales representatives to configure, price and quote remotely? Imagine if you could instantly provide quotes to your customers, and collect deposits and send out orders to manufacturing in a matter of minutes? What if that solution ensured a drastic reduction in expensive errors in quoting?

Most business owners don’t realise that investing in software solutions like this could save your business hundreds of thousands of dollars in missed sales, time and errors in quoting.

If you want to launch your business to the forefront of your industry, understanding the software advantage is critical in today’s business environment.

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What Are My Options ?

Over the last several years, software companies have responded to advancements in industry needs and requirements to provide highly sophisticated software to assist business owners.

Choosing the right software solution, however, can be daunting. Business owners can either invest in a software solution with a broad industry focus or a solution that is industry specific. If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars customising a general focus software solution then an industry specific solution becomes a wise choice.

Leveraging your competitiveness

Many business owners in the made to order industry such as screens and blinds, flooring, doors do not realise that software such as Insyte provides you with the tools to transform your business’ competitiveness. Insyte’s industry specific tools such as instant financial reporting, scheduling, tracking, CPQ, remote access and marketing tools (like lead and campaign management) are just the start.

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Using ERP as an example, Aberdeen Group found the following challenges businesses experience from not implementing a ERP business software.

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Dashboards in Insyte give you insight into every aspect of your business.

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